About Us

To aid in the development of the local music industry, 054SoundVille provides a variety of programs such as training and support for music and concert production, as well as the facilities and equipment required for creating music.


Name & Title Responsibilities Contact
Jeong Jae Kyeong, Deputy Director support programs in 2023, mentoring programs, support programs for video production 054-774-8322
Kim Ji Eun, Manager training programs, promotion and social media management, facilities reservations and payment, infrastructure operations and maintenance 054-774-8324
Kang Min Soo, Manager support for the venue and equipment rentals, support for infrastructure operations and maintenance 054-774-8327
Lee Chae Min, Studio Engineer recording and engineering, support for the venue and equipment rentals 054-774-8328



Seorabol Cultural Center, 236, Geumseong-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do



About the venue


a recording & mixing studio suitable for live recording and small concerts (50 seats) consisting of a main live room, a control room, and 3 vocal booths
various musical instruments (a grand piano, a drum kit, amplifiers etc.) are available

Editing room

a space for recording, listening, mixing and video editing

Ensemble room

a rehearsal space with equipment and musical instruments for ensemble use

Seminar room

a multi-use space for small lectures(20 seats), workshops and meetings

Computer lab

a computer lab for music production with DAWs (Cubase Pro11, Logic Pro), the latest iMac models, master keyboards, launchpads, audio interfaces, and a video projector

Rental coverage


Business hours

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat (every 2nd & 4th week) Sun & holidays
10:00-22:00 10:00-18:00 Closed
✻ The seminar room and the computer lab are open from 09:00 to 18:00, from Monday to Friday. (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)


Facility Rental

Category Per unit Rental Notes
Studio 3 hours 120,000 There is a 50% discount for those who live, work, or study as a student or run a company in Kyeongsangbuk-do
Ensemble room 1 hour 20,000
Editing room 1 hour 20,000
Seminar room 1 hour 50,000
Computer lab 1 hour 50,000


Studio Engineer Rates

✻ The discount is applied only for the rental, not for the studio engineer fee.

Category Fee Per unit

recording up to 2 channels

ex) vocal, acoustic guitar, etc.

60,000 3 hours

recording from 3 channels to 12 channels with a single musical instrument

ex)drums, grand piano etc.


using 2 or more musical instruments or 2 or more vocal booths at the same time

ex) choir, multitrack recording of a band, string instruments, etc.

Live concert Required for in-person events around 30 seats 160,000 once
Mixing 350,000 1 song
Mastering 100,000 1 song
Sound editing (fixing the timing of drums & bass, reducing background noise in a vocal recording) 50,000 1 song
Vocal tuning 30,000 1 track
✻ More information on live concert rates
  • The rental for the studio must include total time for setup, rehearsal, performance, and strike. (Required)
  • The sound engineering fee is for setting up any equipment needed for the concert and supervising the facilities. (Required)
  • For acoustic performances involving 1 or 2 musician(s), we can offer simple sound operation done by the 054SoundVille house engineer.
  • For acoustic performances involving 3 or more musicians, or when detailed sound operation is needed, you must rent PA systems and employ professional sound engineers for the live performance in addition to the studio rental and the sound engineering fee.
  • Since the 054SoundVille studio is designed not as a musical performance venue but as a recording studio where a studio live session can be held, it may be determined through the course of consultation that studio rental is impossible.


Tuning cost for the grand piano

Category Per unit Cost Note
Grand piano once 200,000 The person renting the studio must pay the tuner for any tuning costs.
✻ While in terms of maintenance, the grand piano must be tuned by the designated tuner as a matter of principle, the client can employ another tuner under consultation with the 054SoundVille studio engineer if they wish.


Cancellation/Refund information

Cancellation date Refund percentage
Before 17:30 on the day that is 7 days prior to the booked day 100%
Before 17:30 on the day that is 3 days prior to the booked day 50%
From 17:31 on the day that is 3 days prior to the booked day up to the booked day 0%


Reservation change information

Date of request How to change
Before 17:30 on the day that is 7 days prior to the booked day Contact the studio and request the change
After 17:30 on the day that is 7 days prior to the booked day Cancel and make another reservation